DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The Dallas Independent School District (DISD) Board of Trustees has approved three calendars for the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 school years — two of them are aimed at helping combat what’s being called the ‘COVID slide’.

In addition to the base calendar, the DISD board also approved a School Day Redesign calendar and an Intersession calendar. Both calendars would extend the school year from the beginning of August to the End of June, but how they handle the time is different.

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For the School Day Redesign, all students would get more education time. Teachers and staff would be able to have more flexibility with what each school day looks like.

The Intersession option would create five additional weeks spread throughout the year where invited students could get more personalized attention in smaller groups.

The default choice for schools would be the traditional calendar. Depending on what parents, teachers and staff want, schools would be able to opt-in to one of the other calendars. Right now district officials are still trying to figure out which schools want in and which do not.

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“We are committed to getting as close to 100 percent of teachers and staff and parents to weigh in on this as possible,” said Derek Little the Deputy Chief of Teaching and Learning, during the meeting. “What we at least need is to have 75 to 80 percent of them respond before we feel like we have enough data to make a final decision.”

Over the coming days, district officials will be reaching out to everyone to figure out how they feel about the options. More information about the next steps is expected during the next board meeting in two weeks.

Click here to take a closer look at the calendars.

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