By Staff

CARROLLTON (CBSDFW.COM) – State Rep. Michelle Beckley (D-Carrollton) has filed HB 1519 relating to the delivery of alcoholic beverages from an alcoholic beverage retailer to an ultimate consumer.

This bill will allow holders of package store permits, wine only package store permits, mixed beverage permits, and consumer delivery permits to deliver alcoholic beverages (within their permits) to a consumer in any destination in Texas.

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In a statement sent to CBS 11 News, Beckley said: “When the pandemic hit, I like many began having my groceries delivered to my home. I was surprised to discover that one thing that I could not have delivered was liquor. While I understood that my home city of Carrollton is damp, meaning we can only purchase beer and wine, I thought that since I was purchasing the spirits from neighboring Lewisville, I could still have it delivered. I was wrong. Texas law currently only allows delivery of alcoholic beverages where the beverages can be legally sold.

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This bill will change the law and allow any permit holder with the ability to sell and/or deliver alcohol to be able to deliver to any Texas destination. It will not affect city and county’s local control in regards to their zoning. They can still choose whether they want brick and mortar package stores. This bill will just let Texans have their alcohol – whether beer, wine, spirits or all three – be delivered to their homes like the rest of their groceries, regardless of the city they live in. Gov. (Greg) Abbott last night reiterated his support for alcohol-to-go, which will continue to help our hard-hit restaurants and bars. Our hope is that he will also support our alcohol delivery bill as well, to help our other alcohol-related businesses thrive in our new home-delivered economy.”


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