By Ken Molestina

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Now that we are past the preparedness phase of the winter blast we are experiencing in North Texas, hundreds of our neighbors are reporting being stranded in their homes without power, gas, or running water.

For many of them, survival mode has kicked in.

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Retired Navy Seal Lt. Jason Redman has trained in extreme weather survival techniques and says even without utilities, home is still the safest place to be during these harsh freezes.

For those who are “sitting ducks” without necessities like heat and water, he’s offering tips on how to stay warm and survive the freeze until we thaw out.

First off, Lt. Redman says you can stay warm enough using what you already have on hand.

“You have blankets, you have sheets, you have clothing all those things you’re going to be able to use to keep yourself warm.”

He says bundling up with other people in the home can also help share warmth from each other’s bodies.

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Lt. Redman reminds people the extreme cold can fool the body into thinking it is not hungry, but the truth is you have to take in calories when you can, even if that means eating small bites of whatever you have on hand.

“Just a little bit here and there, you’re consuming a little bit of calories to get it into your system.”

When it comes to water, pipes might be frozen and those case of water bottles might have run out, so he says you could turn snow into water, but only if it’s boiled and sanitized.

In addition, there is another option some may not be considering — the water in the toilet tank.

“The water in your toilet doesn’t go up into the tank, it’s the reverse so that water is actually clean and if you need water you can drink it, bit once again ration it off.”

Lt. Redman reminds people this won’t last forever and the right mental disposition will get you through the toughest of the challenges.

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“You have the ability to survive as long as you have blankets as long as you have a little bit of food, just have a positive mindset, keep a sense of humor. You have the ability to do this.”