KENNEDALE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – The Kennedale soccer team had a very unique season.

One which definitely stood out from the rest.

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Boys Head Soccer Coach Heath Wakeland says, “I had no doubt they were gonna be able to hang.”

Coach Wakeland wasn’t referring to his guys. He was talking about the special quartet of young ladies who played on the boys team all season long.

With Covid-19 limiting the number of young ladies who wanted to play soccer this season and falling short of the UIL required 7 players to field a team, it was suit up with the guys or not at all.

Kennedale Junior Angelina Olmos explains, “we’re just willing to play no matter the circumstance.”

Lauren, Krystal, Cassidy and Angelina (Credit: Keith Russell – CBS 11)

While Angelia got to bond with her brother on the team, she and the other girls made it very clear that their presence on the squad was not a charity case nor were they intimidated.

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Senior Krystal LaFollette jokes, “the boy he yelled boo at me and he was like you’re not scared. And I was like no I’m not scared.”

Freshman Lauren McIntyre says, “I think they thought we were thinking we were gonna come out not as strong as we actually and slower, but we’re just as strong as they are.”

Junior Cassidy Hughes says, “we’re just as good as them and better than a lot of them honestly. We can hold our own and we know how to play.”

As evidenced by the rich tradition of the Kennedale girls program winning state in 2014 and 15 and being district champs last year.

But maybe this year was meant to be to the girls and guys one thing.

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Coach Wakeland hopes “the uniquenesses we all bring and being able to use them to put the best team on the field is the goal. And hopefully that translates to life.”