By Aparna Zalani

by Aparna Zalani

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The north Texas municipal water district is filling up a new lake in Fannin County– with the help of mother nature and nearby creeks.

Jeff McKito public relations specialist at North Texas water municipal district says it will take a year or two to fill it all up.

It is the first major reservoir to be built in Texas in nearly 30 years. After 15 years of planning, construction began in May of 2018.

The lake, located northeast of Bonham in Fannin County.

26 square miles of the Bois d’Arc lake is about the size of the city of Allen…

The water district serves nearly 1.8 million people in north Texas… McKito says water is one resource we cannot go without.

“We expect that population to double by the year 2050 as more people move here, we need to be able to provide water to them,” he said.

He says the lake will provide reliable water for 10 counties including Collin and Dallas for generations to come…

“We are constantly reviewing population growth in our service area, Bois d’Arc lake will serve that population growth, until the year 2040, which means we’re already looking at what that next water supply what the next water support source will be”

The district has planted more than 5 million trees to replace those covered by the lake. The lake will provide recreational activities like boating and fishing when it is filled up .

Water delivery is scheduled to begin in 2022. This additional storage will help ensure crucial water supplies for the future of our growing region

The upper trinity regional water district is building another lake in Fannin county called Lake Ralph Hall, named after a US congressman from Rockwall. It will provide water to Denton and parts of Collin counties. The construction on that lake will begin this year.