By Erin Jones

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – With the possibility of freezing temperatures — a lot of people are wondering how this will affect their plants and flowers? What should they do?

Calloway’s Assistant Manager Nathaniel Meeks said trees, larger plants and shrubs should be able to survive a cold snap.

Giving them some water will help create warmth.

For smaller plants and flowers, it’s a good idea to put some protection around them.

“If it’s going to be short term, you can use almost anything,” Meeks said. “You wouldn’t want something heavy like a bedsheet though. You’d want something more lightweight. If it’s an individual plant you could use a plastic bag or a bucket of some kind just for one night. You wouldn’t want to leave that on long-term. If it’s a lot of plants, you would want to use something like a light weight frost cloth.”

He said he was selling a lot of frost protection on Tuesday, April 20.

“A lot of people saw the news coming in and decided to get some protection for their plants,” he said.

Erin Jones