NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) — The State House is scheduled to take up House Bill 6 on May 6 — but the bill that would enact wide-ranging changes to elections in Texas comes with opposition.

With just over three weeks remaining in this legislative session, Republicans have one last bill they would like to see passed.

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Allen West, Texas GOP Chairman said earlier this week, said, “The federal government does not have an enumerated power to dictate to states how they do elections.”

The 2020 election produced a new President and renewed, but so far unsubstantiated, claims of voter fraud.

Texas Republicans want to move forward in pushing House Bill 6 for a vote today.

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The initial bill required a Texas photo ID in order to vote and limited polling locations in urban communities, among other reductions. The now re-written bill sets new restrictions on early voting. In essence the distribution of vote-by-mail would be tighter and partisan poll watchers would have enhanced protections.

West said, “When it talks about no voter id…when he talks about no review of voter registration rolls, same day, voter registration, same day voting, we need to have strong election laws at our states to make sure that we are restoring integrity back into our electoral process, because voter fraud is voter suppression.”

But Some businesses disagree and oppose the proposed bill. In an open letter, supported by companies all over the country, including American Airlines here in North Texas, the companies wrote in part, “We believe the right to vote is sacred. When more people participate in our democratic process, we will all prosper.”

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The house convenes Thursday morning, May 6.