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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The Dallas Police Association unveiled a memorial wall Tuesday, May 11 to honor their canine squad and mounted horses who died in the line of duty.

Four have been killed.

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DPD Canine, Mounted Horses memorial wall (CBS 11)

“It’s sad, you worry about your partner losing their life. It’s a sad situation. Just like an officer, same thing,” Officer Armando Dominguez said.

Dominguez has been paired with his K9, Pofi, for six weeks.

But he’s worked with other K9 officers over the years.

He says their keen noses and sharp instincts have saved lives — including his own.

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“I’ve been in situations where we we’re searching a building and my dog located the guy who was armed,” Dominguez shared. “He had left the gun up there and said he was going to ambush us! But the dog located him by odor. It’s amazing, if you could imagine how many times we’ve arrested somebody before the patrol guys got to them.”

Not only are four-legged officers helpful in catching suspects, their key and detecting narcotics and bombs, often risking their lives.

“These animals only know how to do two things: how to be loyal and how to love,” said Mike Mata, President of the Dallas Police Association. “But what they do for us, as far as officers, they protect us just like we protect the citizens. These service animals protect officers in and out of the field.”

Members of the Canine Squad and Mounted Unit were present for the unveiling along with officers who say this memorial is the least they can do.

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“I want to thank them and the animals,” said Dominguez. “It’s a big role that a lot of people forget that they’re around.“ Staff