NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The Trinity River is a pillar of Fort Worth‘s landscape. But when you find yourself seeking fresh air, don’t limit your activities to just around the river, try hopping on it.

Taylor Ullmann, with Backwoods Paddlesports, says the river offers a unique downtown experience.

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“You’re kind of out in nature, but you’re also here in downtown Fort Worth,” Ullmann says. “So you’ve got that feel, and that skyline in the background, which is a really cool experience.”

Backwoods Paddlesports has a facility right on the river, adjacent to downtown, where people can rent kayaks, paddle boards and canoes for 18 dollars an hour, per person, which includes all needed equipment.

“So when you hit the water, first thing to know, as a first time kayaker, is we always hold paddle like this where we can read the logo,” Ullmann describes. “And then take a nice wide grip, and while on the water alternate paddles to go forward, paddle on left to go right, and paddle on right to go left.”

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Once they go over basic water sporting instruction, they give a safety lesson and information on routes you can take along the river.

There are quick trips that will have you back in an hour, and routes that will take you all the way to Lake Worth, filling up an entire day.

“It is just very peaceful,” Ullmann says. “And it can also be a lot of fun if you take out a group of people or a group of friends.”

Ullmann says if you want to be sure to stay on top of the water and not in it during your first paddlesport adventure, stick to the kayaks.

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“The canoes everyone looks at because they look like a boat and are nice and big and keep you dry,” Ullmann describes. “But kayaks are the easiest to paddle in my opinion, and less likely to tip as well.”

Madison Sawyer