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GALVESTON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – A man is currently battling a flesh-eating bacteria he got after being injured at a Texas beach earlier this month.

Robbin Kelly Dunn spoke to KTRK about her husband’s situation after her family went to Crystal Beach for her birthday on May 5.

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Dunn said her husband, Darrell, was hurt in a golf carting accident on the beach and that they couldn’t get him treatment immediately due to there not being any hospitals on the Bolivar Peninsula.

After finally getting him to a hospital, Dunn, who has a medical background, said she noticed something was wrong as his wounds were left exposed at the beach.

“Especially if its on a beach area, you are supposed to clean the wounds because of infection, possible infection. Nothing was done,” Dunn told KTRK.

She said her husband was still making making hospital visits for treating a flesh-eating bacteria known as vibrio vulnificus. The bacteria can be found in raw or undercooked seafood and is present in salt water.

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Dr. Anthony Flores of UT Health talked to KTRK about the infection, saying it’s rare but should still be made aware of.

“Typical signs of infection, we see redness, swelling, we see pain. Sometimes drainage at the site and sometimes it can be very rapidly spreading,” Flores said. “…We tend to see it in the warmer months. It has been associated with flooding.”

Severe cases of the bacteria can lead to intensive care and even amputation.

“Anytime we have an open wound or anybody with these other health conditions that pre-disposes to these types of infections to stay away from the water,” Flores said.

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Dunn said she wants people to be aware of what her husband is going through to prevent any further incidents. Staff