NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Governor Greg Abbott’s decision to opt out of federal pandemic-related unemployment benefits is receiving mixed reviews. While many business owners say it’s the answer to the labor shortage, others say it will hurt more than help.

Both the barbecue and business are hot at Terry Black’s in Deep Ellum.

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“It’s been great. We had our busiest week last week,” said manager Andrew Freire.

But management said that’s not the only reason for the long lines.

“It’s been a struggle for us trying to find people to even get hired on,” he said. “We’ve put ads on Facebook, on Craig’s List, on Instagram even.”

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Governor Abbott said there are nearly 60% more jobs open today than a month before the pandemic began. In announcing the end of the $300 weekly unemployment supplement for Texans, he said, “At this stage of opening the state 100%, the focus must be on helping unemployed Texans connect with the more than a million job openings, rather than paying unemployment benefits to remain off the employment rolls.”

But Rick Levy, president of the Texas AFL-CIO, said it makes no sense to take money from the pockets of those struggling to get by.

“It’s a message that says to workers, ‘If you’re unemployed, it’s your fault. You know, you’re lazy. You’re not trying hard enough,’ and that is just so out of touch with the reality of what folks are facing,” he said.

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The change will be effective June 26 instead of in September. Federal law requires it to be at least 30 days after notification is provided to the Secretary of Labor.