By Ken Molestina

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) — It is widely known that building materials costs in the U.S. have exploded due to a shortage in supply and a disruption in the supply chain during the pandemic.

As an example, in some cases lumber is reported to be up by nearly 400%.

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So, if you’ve been wanting to spruce up your home and give it a facelift you may be sitting around with costs that have far surpassed what you budgeted.

William Hamilton, a project manager for 6th Avenue Homes in Fort Worth, says while you may have to put off bigger scale projects there are some things you can still do now to fix your home a bit while you wait for the sky high prices of projects to come down.

Hamilton offered a few “hacks,” reminding people that the three main materials in short supply are lumber, steel and concrete.

So, if you’re thinking of fixing your place up he said keep this in mind, “We’ve seen most of our hacks come in the form of aesthetics refresh of sorts.”

The first tip he offered is basically to avoid going down the route where you will need to buy products made from the top three scarce materials.

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He said, “If you’re willing to be a little different or try something new, the one of products are still accessible and available.”

Secondly, he says using wallpaper can help you change the look of an entire room with out having to build anything.

It’s a hack he says is increasingly becoming popular.

Hamilton added, “Play with patterns. We’ve had some caricature come into our patterns, colors, floral design and so and so forth.”

The third tip he offered may be obvious to many, and is more of a reminder of how far a fresh coat of paint can go in revitalizing a space and it’s walls.

He said, “A little bit of color a little bit of life. Varied hues — varied finishes.”

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Lastly, anybody wanting to do home improvement projects are also encouraged to do as much of it on their own because there is also a labor shortage that is delaying completion of projects and also driving up the costs.