By Ken Molestina

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) — The North Texas real estate market continues to be very tight and competitive when it comes to convincing sellers to sell and winning bids.

Todd Tramonte is a DFW realtor who says he has resorted to offering sellers cruise vacations in order to entice them to accept his clients’ offers.

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Tramonte said, “The market is dictating a different approach.”

He added, “I have a fiduciary responsibility to my client to do whatever we can do to serve their highest needs. I think it’s completely ethical, and I know it’s legal.”

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Tramonte says he has gifted over 100 five-day-four-night cruises over the last 12 months to seller.

Now that cruises are coming back from COVID-19 restrictions he says the cruise offer is hard to pass on for many sellers.

He said, “We are in an environment right now where a lot of people are worried that if they sell they can’t buy. Or if they are buying for the first time they wont be able to afford something or if they are selling and not buying they are going to get trapped in the middle homeless somewhere.”

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He says he will continue to make the cruise offers as long as the demand exists, which according to his calculations will be at least another year and a half.