By Nicole Nielsen

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – You may have seen the latest internet craze where in just seconds an app can turn one of your old photos into a fresh new cartoon.

These days we are all familiar with facial recognition.

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There are filters that scan your face on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.

You see one of your friends posted a filtered photo online, and next thing you know you have to try it, too.

It’s all fun and games until you realize once again, you skipped past the terms and conditions.

“So it’s kind of a certainty of ‘I can see my grandkids with cartoon eyes’ versus, ‘I’m not exactly sure what I’m giving up,’” said Jose Lineros, a cyber security expert at UNT.

He says these days, it’s hard to do anything online without having a personal data collected.

“We’re at the opening gates of a world of artificial intelligence and machine learning,”

Voila AI Artist is the newest of the popular face-changing apps.

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It’s currently the number one free app in the App Store.

Today the company addressed their privacy policy online after saying they’ve received concerns.

Stating that your face, is not calculated and collected.

Though their privacy policy is similar to other apps, saying they may collect personal data such as your device information, photos and purchase history.

Limpets says data collection is something we have become numb to, but that it is certainly something we shouldn’t forget is happening.

“Little by little, incrementally as you give up more and more privacy that next level of privacy that you surrender, you feel it even less it.”

He says the best thing you can do, is always check the settings for any app you download, and adjust their access to your information accordingly.

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“The default setting is not what you want, you want to educate yourself first.”

Nicole Nielsen