By Nicole Nielsen

PLANO, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Three restaurants and bars at the Shops at Legacy in Plano will be missing several servers this past weekend after they were arrested for overserving alcohol to customers.

Overserving alcohol to already intoxicated subjects is a class C misdemeanor.

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Back in April, Plano police went undercover to check out local bars to see if overserving was occurring.

They arrested five servers for doing so at Peppersmash, Scruffy Duffies and Ringo’s Pub — all at the Shops at Legacy.

It comes as police work to crack down on drunk drivers, after two people were in killed in drunk-driving crashes recently.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is working with the department to conduct what they call “source investigations” to find where those intoxicated people got their alcohol.

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That’s a standard practice any time there’s a fatal accident where liquor was involved.

Locals say the bars at the Shops at Legacy can get lively, and that drunk driving in the area is no surprise.

“Well, I think it’s common anywhere there’s a lot of restaurants and bars and clubs to go to, I think there’s a lot of drinking, and over drinking, and probably driving as well,” said Joe Riggs.

Police haven’t released any information on the servers who were arrested or the victims of the drunk driving incidents.

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(Originally Posted 6/11/2021)

Nicole Nielsen