FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Jack Cecil, the co-founder of Zyyah, a digital home management company, is offering some advice homebuyers in the DFW area who are about to also shop for homeowners insurance.

“Currently 64% of Americans are either underinsured or mis-insured,” Cecil said.

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There are basically two types of insurance policies that home owners need to be aware of: Replacement cost policies and cash value policies.

“When you are looking at a policy from an actual cash value standpoint, basically your contents are depreciated within the policy and a lot of people don’t realize that until they go out and file a claim,” he said.

He advises a replacement cost policy is the better option for most homeowners

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He also says those moving in to North Texas from out of state should be aware of the kind of volatile weather that can hit our area.

They’re advised to insure their home against different kinds of storms, because the DFW region sees it all.

In addition he recommends a homebuyer get their insurance from someone locally who understands those weather patterns.

“Here in Texas we have a lot of wind claim, or a lot of roof claims, or a lot of flood claims,” Cecil said. “Those carriers specific where someone coming in from California– they are not going to want to shop insurance potentially with the same carrier from California, because that California carrier will be more geared to earthquakes and fire, and things that happen primarily in California vs. Texas.”

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One thing all homeowners can expect according to experts is an increase in insurance premiums directly tied to the February winter storms that paralyzed North Texas.