MISSION, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – One local church in Mission, Texas, is offering every migrant that comes through their doors a meal and a blessing before they continue on their journey to cities well beyond the border with Mexico.

The recent influx in migrants crossing the border illegally, especially in South Texas, has Father Roy Snipes busy offering charity and blessings like never before. He said while the numbers are unprecedented that doesn’t mean his kindness is limited.

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First it was about 150 a day and then some more. But lately, the Lady of Guadalupe Church in Mission, which serves as an overflow facility, is offering nightly refuge to more than 300 migrants who were brought here after being processed by immigration authorities and released into the U.S. with a pending court date.

Sometimes children outnumber the adults.

“We consider our job to just give them a pat on the back, tell ’em you haven’t been abandoned,” Snipes said.

Snipes welcomes the migrants when they have no where to go yet. Migrants stay a night or two and are also offered meals, clean clothes and a shower.

The next steps for the migrants once they leave the church in the Rio Grande Valley is to board buses that eventually take them to their final destination throughout different cities in the country.

But it’s what happens before they leave the border that is considered to be the migrants’ first real welcome. Every morning Snipes walks them from their lodging area and into church pews where he prays for all of them.

“This is it. This is what it’s all about. Mommas and daddies and babies. If you don’t have reverence for this, you need to stop and think… stop and pray,” Snipes said.

CBS 11 News spoke with a Guatemalan man and woman who were with their two infant children. They did not want to be identified but wanted to share their story.

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“Why are you all coming to the United States?” asked CBS 11 reporter Ken Molestina.

“(translated) Like any migrant, we have an American dream… for those who are lucky to cross, we are hoping for a better future,” the man replied.

The man said his family’s trip lasted 20 days and at times, they thought their kids wouldn’t make it.

“Is it worth if for you to take this risk and get here the way you did?” Molestina asked.

“(translated) Yes, because here we will have a chance to live out the dreams that we couldn’t back home,” the woman replied.

“What message do you have for Americans about your situation,” Molestina asked.

“(translated) The message would be for them to be patient with us, and that we can all reach our hopes with God’s help,” the man replied.

Snipes also shared a message of his own.

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“You see a momma and a daddy and a baby and you want to be mean to them for God sake, don’t do that. Don’t do that to yourself. You poison your soul and you poison your family,” Snipes said.