By Staff

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – All work and no play make the Dallas Cowboys, dull boys…

Just ask Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence “To be able to have my son out here, spend a little time with him, oh yeah, can’t get no better than this.”

Lawrence and teammate Michael Gallup took a short break from preparing for the upcoming NFL season to take part in the Nerf Challenge at Fair Park.

The two Cowboys went head-to-head in several challenges for a “relaxing” getaway from football.

But competitors never relax… right DeMarcus Lawrence?

“I won the first round with the throwing. Beat him pretty good. But the second round, I didn’t have anything for him,” he said.

“That’s about how we do in practice. Defense has a good day. Offense has a good day.” Gallup admitted. “But I had way more points on mine when I won than he did, so… that’s all I’m gonna say, that’s all I’m gonna say.”

It’s all fun and games now, but when training camp rolls around in a few short weeks, both Gallup and Lawrence say it will be all business.

“We got our quarterback back. We got a lot of our O-linemen coming back… just building on what we started last year.” Gallup told CBS 11 Sports.

Lawrence added, “Confidence is high. It don’t get no higher when the media and whoever makes the schedules give us Super Bowl champions in week one. Being able to go out there and take full advantage of our opportunity, that means a lot. I know our confidence is high and we’ll be ready to go.”

The Cowboys depart for training camp in Oxnard, California, on July 20. Staff