By Brooke Rogers

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Nearly 5 months have passed since the winter storms that walloped Texas, and North Texas pool owners like Alan Erick are still feeling its impact.

“We came out back here, and, of course, it was rock solid ice,” said Erick of his pool.

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What he didn’t imagine is that nearly half a year later, he’d still be missing a proper fuel pump and a booster pump for the pool sweep.

“We’re still waiting on key items to get it up to where it was,” he said.

His pool is at least functional, and he’s one of the lucky ones. Pool company owners said the winter storm triggered a “perfect storm” for equipment shortages: frozen temperatures, power outages, low supply and high demand.

“It seems like the distributors didn’t have as many parts as they would normally if it wasn’t a COVID year, and then with the freeze and everybody needing parts, I’ve heard numbers of over 100,000 pools in just DFW that were damaged,” said Tim Kaiser, owner of Pool Steward.

He said heaters and pumps are the most elusive.

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“Variable speed pumps? You really can’t buy them right now. You can’t find them, and my distributors told me anywhere between the end of the year and early next year when they’ll really have them in stock.”

Kaiser said about 50% of his customers’ pools were impacted by the freeze, but other company owners say that number for them was closer to 90-95%.

And if you can even find a part, the price tag is hefty.

“Prices are going up, and distributors are marking up prices,” said Kaiser.

Erick knows waiting is part of the times and feels the frustration of the situation for everyone involved.

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“And so we’ve just been sitting at the mercy of whatever they can produce and when it gets her,” he said. “I’m sure we’re on a waitlist a mile long.”