by Rachael O'Neil | CBS 11By Staff

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – An 87-year-old woman was found dead in her Dallas home Tuesday evening, July 6, the victim of a violent attack.

Dallas Police identified the victim as Anita Thompson.

The victim’s neighbor, Claudia Barnett, has lived in the same area as Thompson on Fortune Lane near I-35 and Overton for nearly 40 years.

She says her friend’s murder not only shook her world, but the community’s.

“This morning, to find out it was actually a result of some type of foul play is– it’s one thing to find out an individual is dead but it’s even more devastating to find out they’re dead at the hands of somebody,” Barnett told CBS 11.

Anita Thompson

Officers responded to a call around 6:15 p.m. on Tuesday and found Thompson dead inside of her home.

The department said she died after a violent attack but did not give any further details.

Some neighbors believe it was someone Thompson knew.

Dallas home where 87-year-old woman was murdered (CBS 11).

“Somebody had went and broke the window in the back and they got in the house. I don’t know how they got in the house,” said one neighbor. “They killed that lady and that was sad.”

Neighbors say Thompson was a joy to be around, kept herself, and always had a watchful eye on what was happening in her community.

Dallas Police say this is an open investigation and they encourage anyone with any information to call their hotline at (214) 671-3686. Staff