DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Chokeholds will be eliminated and officers will be required to intervene when they see another using excessive force under a bill ceremonially signed into law Monday by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

The Dallas Police Association was represented at the signing, which president Michael Mata described as a win for citizens statewide due to better training and transparency.

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HB 3712 changes the basic officer training course, teaching officers they’re prohibited from using chokeholds or similar restraints unless it’s necessary to prevent serious injury or death. It also requires officers to intervene to stop another officer from using excessive force.

“Maybe it forces one of those towns that maybe didn’t want to take that progressive move to get body cameras, to get tasers, it forces them to do that because it restricts some of the actions they were authorized to do prior,” Mata said.

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Another bill, which Gov. Abbott officially signed in mid-June, required departments to review the personnel files and termination reports before hiring an officer.

SB 24 is aimed at preventing problem officers from simply moving city to city.

“Its 100% true that we don’t want somebody wearing this uniform and serving citizens out there violating their oath and even more hurting citizens and violating their civil rights,” Mata said. “That does nothing good for the department or this organization.”

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The new laws take effect September 1.