By Rachael O'Neil | CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – As the state starts to open up, some restaurants across North Texas are still struggling to hire workers.

The process to find employees in the food industry isn’t going as smoothly, especially not for Lonestar Café 66 in Rockwall.

The lack of staffing forced them to close last weekend. They say, their biggest hurdle is finding cooks and busboys to help. The management team says they offer  competitive pay but some workers may not want to return to the kitchen because they’re satisfied with their unemployment stipend.

Joe Groves, the CEO of Ellen’s in Dallas says in May, they ran into hiring challenges – he believes it’s because other food businesses have improved their benefits and incentives. Now, he’s noticing people are applying to work for his company.

“It’s summer. People are out of school, people are looking for opportunities – some people are relying on government and sent it, and those have gone away, that might be part of it as well.”