By Jeff Ray

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FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Humans have an instinctive fondness for the color green, perhaps an evolutionary hardwire due to human’s dependence on plant life for survival.

Studies show when someone is exposed to a living green space there are physiological responses such as muscles relaxing, stimulation of the pituitary gland (making us feel calm) and a positive response to the additional oxygen.

Take a walk in the woods and tell me it doesn’t trigger an affinity to the now, much like staring into a fire at night.

My point here is that finding a little green space is a gift to yourself, even in small doses.

Or small spaces.

Terrariums are tiny green worlds that you can put on your kitchen table next to a window.

It is a self-contained garden of perpetual green. If built correctly is will thrive as a closed environment for years with little maintenance.

Terrarium (Andrew Francis Wallace/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

For the same reason I love my aquarium, this is a world you built to display your living jewelry.

Plants in miniature can be pieces of art.

This week’s story is with another horticulturist from Rooted In, Patrick Dickson.

He has a terrarium at home that is ten years old.

He added water to it when he started it and hasn’t added water to it since.

Every now and then he’ll reach in there and trim back some of the plants to keep them in balance. It is the ultimate in low maintenance.

Patrick gives us the basics on how to put your terrarium together.

There are several crucial steps, like making sure to add a filter medium and not to over plant. Also, don’t add too much water at the start.

The variety of plants that do well in Terrariums is breath-taking, so to each their own.

Try to mix colors and shapes, just like you would in your backyard.

In the times of summer when its too hot to be outside or in the depths of winter when it is too cold to work the yard, enjoy a cup of hot green tea and enjoy your self-contained green world. You’ll be doing yourself a favor.