UPDATE: Kaufman County Deputy On Administrative Leave Pending Investigation Into Handling Of Troubled Teen

FORNEY, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – The Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office is looking into a video that’s going viral on social media.

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It shows a teenager being pinned to the ground with a sheriff’s deputy on top of her.

They are face to face, legs wrapped around legs.

The incident happened in Forney’s Deerfield Heights neighborhood Tuesday, July 27.

The woman who posted the video to Facebook said the girl being pinned to the ground is her 18-year-old sister and that she was walking home when someone called police claiming the girl was trying to jump in front of cars.

A Kaufman County sheriff’s deputy arrived.

“It’s 102° out here… I can’t breathe.. I cannot breathe,” she said in the video.

As family and friends tried to intervene, the teen was rolled over and handcuffed. As she was led to the car, an altercation happened.

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She, and a woman who witnesses said is her mother, were arrested.

“I’ve never seen where the officer was literally on top of them with his legs wrapped around the back of her legs and holding her down,” UNT Professor of Criminal Justice Dr. Scott Belshaw said. “I think again that situation is in a vulnerable situation.”

Dr. Belshaw said not only does this move puts the officer in a vulnerable position, but it heightens the emotions of the teen.

“That crushes on to the lungs,” he said. “They can have trouble breathing and things like that, you know it could have gotten a lot worse. In reality that’s not the way to do it.”

Wednesday night, the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office said it’s aware of this recent social media post and is reviewing the incident.

The Forney Police Department said they were called in to assist, but when two officers arrived at the scene the situation was already being addressed and no interaction was needed on their part.

The Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office also said it’s now receiving an influx of calls regarding this incident, which is overwhelming their phone lines.

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They’re asking anyone who wishes to file a complaint to do so through their website or by mail instead of by phone.

Erin Jones