By Jason Allen

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Some 47 years after a murder that frightened people in Fort Worth, the accused killer is on trial.

Glen McCurley on trial (CBS 11)

Seventeen-year-old Carla Walker’s murder in 1974 went unsolved until advanced DNA techniques broke the case last year.

Carla Walker (courtesy: Justice for Carla Walker Facebook page)

The trial is something investigators have waited for, as some said they have continued to think about it and work on the case even after they retired.

Several of them were on the witness stand Friday, August 20 at Glen McCurley’s murder trial.

Glen Samuel McCurley (credit: Tarrant County Jail)

McCurley is the man accused of kidnapping Walker, pulling her right out of a car, assaulting her and later strangling her.

McCurley was interviewed back in the early days of the investigation because he owned the model of pistol that was used in the crime, but he wasn’t charged at the time.

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Some of the most emotional testimony Friday came from Walker’s boyfriend at the time, Rodney McCoy.

McCurley is accused of beating him with that pistol and he could only watch as Walker was pulled out of the car.

McCoy: “Carla turned her face to me and I can visualize, and said, ‘Rodney, go get dad. Go get my dad’.”

Attorney: “Was that the last thing you remember Carla saying?”

McCoy: “The last words I heard from Carla.”

Many of the original pieces of evidence, including the clothes Walker was wearing, still exist.

It was DNA on that clothing that was eventually sent to Texas company, Othram, for advanced testing.

They developed a DNA profile that was then linked to genealogy data to McCurley’s family.

McCurley pleaded not guilty Friday, with defense attorneys suggesting early on the evidence could have been contaminated or there could have been other suspects police missed.