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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Representatives of Angela West, the wife of Republican candidate for governor Allen West, say results are back on a blood alcohol test after her DWI arrest last month and showed no alcohol in her blood at the time police tested her.

West agreed to a standard field sobriety test the night she was pulled over, which she failed, according to police. But West said she believes she passed it despite a health issue. “I have had an aneurysm so I’m a little off balance sometimes. I walked back and forth. I spoke to her. I told her I had Chilean sea bass… I wasn’t slurring my words.”

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The 61-one-year-old’s attorney, George R. Milner, III released a statement confirming what CBS 11 News first reported, that the toxicology report showed no alcohol or drugs in Mrs. West’s system. He added that the Dallas County DA dropped the charge.

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West spoke to CBS 11 shortly after the incident and said she regretted becoming a distraction from her husband’s campaign. She also insisted she didn’t throw her husband’s name around to get out of a ticket.

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The Dallas Police Department released the following statement on the matter Wednesday:

The Dallas Police Department is aware of the lab results coming from the toxicology report. Due process is guaranteed to everyone, and Mrs. West is no different.

The officer made her decision based on the information available to her at that time. The purpose of addressing the media and releasing the video footage of the suspected DUI arrest of Mrs. Angela West was not to prove guilt or innocence, but to show the interaction between the officer and Mrs. West because of the accusations regarding the encounter. The remainder of the process lies in the hands of the District Attorney’s office. We respect the ultimate decision of the District Attorney’s office and we will refrain from commenting further. Staff