DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A 131-page report released on the evening of September 30 reveals more information about missing files within the City of Dallas.

In the report, the city reveals the missing data is predominantly from the Dallas Police Department; more specifically, cases dating back to March 2021.

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The report notes the missing data was discovered after an audit of 26 servers that was performed in August. The documents indicate the situation all boils down to insufficient management.

CBS 11 News has learned some of the data is not retrievable, while other parts are still available to the city and its business partners.

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One of the findings identified 7.51 terabytes of lost data which amounts to 4.1 million files. And a second reveal indicates 13.167 terabytes which equals 4.6 million lost files—for a total of more than 8 million files gone.

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The loss of data happened when an employee was tasked with moving archived filed from online storage to a physical drive. The transfer was scheduled to take five days but was stopped halfway through — at that point some 22 terabytes had been deleted. The employee was fired on August 27, the same day the city revealed more data had been lost.