by Blake Mathews | CBS 11 Meteorologist

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Sometimes the weather can really blow.

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A strengthening area of low pressure, responsible for pushing a line of strong to severe thunderstorms through our area, will move to the east on Wednesday and allow a drier, cooler airmass to rush into our area.

As that area of low pressure deepens, it’ll tighten the pressure gradient which will cause the wind to approach freeway speeds in some areas.

The National Weather Service will almost certainly issue a Wind Advisory for the entire area with some areas in our far western zones being upgraded to a High Wind Warning where wind speeds could exceed 50 mph!

That’ll rearrange your ‘do’ and relocate many of those Halloween decorations.

Therefore hunker them down – with the high impact hairspray or yard stakes respectively.

So what’s this gradient I speak of?

The winds of the planet are driven by the difference between high and low pressure.

The stronger each of them are the faster the wind is accelerated. When they get close together, the winds go even faster.

It’s like putting your thumb over the end of the hose. When you turn the water on, you certain volume of water spits out the end. If you cover the end of the hose with your thumb, the water accelerates and shoots significantly further. The reason is because in order to move the same volume of water through a smaller area, it has to accelerate.

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The same thing happens with the wind. The volume of air remains the same as the area of which to move through narrows. Voila, windy weather.

Both winds-day (see what I did there?) and Thursday will feature high winds that’ll buffer the area and may cause non-thunderstorm cosmetic damage such as tree limbs to come down and minor power outages.

The blustery conditions will also do a couple of other things:

First, it’ll keep the atmosphere somewhat mixed which will keep our temperatures from getting too cool as we head into Thursday morning.

The other thing is it’ll help dry out the vegetation and increase the fire danger heading into the end of the week.

The expected rain Wednesday morning will be a mere ‘drop in the bucket’ compared to the rain we need to stave off any on-going drought conditions.

Here’s a bit of tease – and I’m not just blowing hot air.

If current models hold, we could see the strongest cold front of the season blast through here next Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. The result could be high temperatures falling off a cliff into the 50s (or even 40s if the GFS is to be believed.

More about this coming up in the days ahead.

Hold on to your hats!

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The forecast ahead may blow you away. Staff