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UPDATE: The Frisco ISD School Board voted 7-0 on Monday night to approve school boundary changes next fall for hundreds of students.

Parents can expect to receive an email from the school district Tuesday, giving them a chance to file for an exception to keep their students at their current schools, if they qualify.

FRISCO, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Mann Bellani, a freshman at Frisco ISD’s Reedy High School, is worried that next fall, he’ll have to go to Lone Star High School instead.

“I was personally shocked that such a thing could happen. All of my friends are staying. I’m the only one leaving. That’s honestly a crazy thing to happen.”

Bellani isn’t alone.

Mann Bellani – Frisco ISD student (CBS 11)

Under the school district’s plan, 24 other incoming freshmen and sophomores in his neighborhood alone would also move from Reedy High to Lone Star High.

But incoming juniors and seniors would be grandfathered-in.

Yukta Bellani, Mann’s mom said she is hoping the Board of Trustees will reconsider the district’s plan when they vote Monday night. “I think the ISD needs to take a second look at us and understand how this is going to impact our kids, our parents.”

The meeting is set to attract hundreds of concerned students and parents, just as a similar meeting did last month.

The school district says it’s trying to impact as few students as possible.

The problem is Reedy, on the city’s southwest side, is growing too big, and next fall is at risk from becoming a “6-A” school.

If that happens, student athletes there would have to compete against larger high schools in other districts.

Frisco’s philosophy is to keep high schools in “5-A” and limited to about 2,100 students.

To achieve that at Reedy next fall, the district’s plan is to shift around some incoming ninth and tenth graders, which would impact three other high school campuses.

Brian Bash, who has daughters in the fourth and seventh grades, developed nine alternate school boundary maps for trustees to consider. “I probably spent three or four hours over the past two weeks, every single day, working on these maps. It’s very important to me to make sure that our students have schools that are close by.”

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Meantime, Mann Bellani sent trustees a You-Tube video he made featuring his and his friends’ pleas for help. “I feel like the district has a responsibility to listen to students, especially since students’ lives are the ones that being changed.”

He said he also gathered 350 signatures of students and parents for a petition that he presented to the district.

In all, a district spokeswoman said its plan would impact more than 1,100 students who would be sent to the district’s other existing campuses.

Another 1,100 students would move to two new schools that are being built.

Together, the district says they represent about 3% of the district’s nearly 66,000 students. Staff