By Ken Molestina

KELLER, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Some Keller ISD students saw a family reunion play out in front of their eyes on Tuesday, Nov. 16.

At one school, students were settling in and expecting to hear a guest speaker from the military.

Instead, they witnessed Marine Gunnery Sergeant Benni Bennett surprise his oldest son.

“I wasn’t real nervous at first. But once I got into my oldest’s classroom, I started getting nervous, ” explained Bennett.

Marine Gunnery Sergeant Benni Bennett and oldest son (CBS 11).

The U.S. Marine has been away from his family for 317 days during his fourth deployment.

After that surprise, the two traveled to another Keller ISD school to surprise his two younger boys.

Hug after hug brought a family separated by service to country back together.

What was the dad’s first thought on seeing his sons in person for the first time in about 10 months?

“They’ve all gotten taller. They don’t look as tall when you FaceTime but surprising how fast they grew,” said Bennett.

Marine Gunnery Sergeant Benni Bennett and sons (CBS 11).

Tuesday’s surprise was orchestrated by Bennett’s wife, teachers and school leaders. It had been in the works for about two months.

Gunnery Sergeant Bennett is on a 20-day break.

He said the family has a lot of plans including hiking and a barbecue.