By Nicole Nielsen

TROPHY CLUB, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) — A North Texas man is hoping to help hundreds of kids in need this Christmas by holding his own toy drive.

His name is Chris Bailey, and he started the tradition by accident 19 years ago, when he decided to donate some of his son’s old toys to make room for new Christmas presents.

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Bailey loaded the old toys in his car and drove them to a housing project area in Fort Worth, and began handing them out to kids in need.

“That’s kind of how this whole thing started. I delivered a little Fischer Price basketball goal to a kid and his face lit up,” Bailey said.

Fast forward and every year since, he’s been helping out the big guy.

“I decided then, this is so easy and I could do it every year,” he said.

He’s turned the gesture into a community project, hosting donation drives and fundraisers to buy as many gifts as possible, and delivering them to some of North Texas’s most vulnerable children.

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“It’s grown so much over the years, now we just deliver giant truckloads,” Bailey said.

This year he’s raised over $18,000 to buy a warehouse full of toys.

This year he plans to deliver them to about 800 children who live at a Fort Worth housing complex that takes in mainly refugees.

Most of those children, wouldn’t have Christmas if it weren’t for the drive.

And he does it all, in his signature Santa suit, with his heart sewn on his sleeve.

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“When you see someone that needs help, are you the person that says ‘I hope someone helps them’ or are you the person that actually helps them?” Bailey said.

Nicole Nielsen