LITTLE ELM, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – The results of a Title IX investigation into the handling of sexual assault allegations at Little Elm High School were released Thursday.

The investigation was carried out after a student walkout last month led to a violent confrontation with police that resulted in 5 students arrested for allegedly assaulting officers. The students said their walkout was a protest against the school’s handling of allegations of sexual assault.

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Video Shows Police Respond To Student 'Disruption' During 'Planned Demonstration' At Little Elm High School (Credit: Twitter/briangomesss)

Video Shows Police Respond To Student ‘Disruption’ During ‘Planned Demonstration’ At Little Elm High School (Credit: Twitter/briangomesss)

The incident raised questions within the community about the handling of the situation, and Little Elm ISD at the end of last month on the matter that quickly turned heated.

Eichelbaum Wardell Hansen Powell & Muñoz, PC, an Austin law firm, had been hired by the administration to “perform an investigation into the students’ claims to determine if the administration followed its policies and make recommendations, as appropriate, to improve the system.”

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According to the report, the firm found that “it does not appear any of the actions of LEISD administrators or employees fell below the legal standard of deliberate indifference.” However, it did note that counselors should be better educated on what issues fall under Title IX so that they can be referred to the school’s Title IX Coordinator.

It also suggested that some changes be made to the investigation process and recommended ways for the school to improve its relationship with parents and students.

The report recommends:

  1. That parents be notified within three days after a student comes to a school administrator with a claim that requires a written statement and investigation. The report notes that this process is already required for bullying claims.
  2. That school administration be better informed about what kinds of misconduct fall under Title IX so that reports can be properly referred to the school’s Title IX Coordinator when appropriate.
  3. That there be additional Title IX training for both school administration and staff. Everyone “from teachers to substitutes to food service to bus drivers” should be able to recognize sexual
    harassment and know who to contact when they see or experience it. This training should also be available in Spanish.
  4. Printing a QR code for the email or phone number of the Title IX Coordinator on student IDs.
  5. Considering other ideas about how to provide Title IX information to students and staff, such as posters.
  6. Educating students and parents about what Title IX is and what it covers.
  7. That the district create a separate Title IX Coordinator position who can focus on keeping up with changes to Title IX and lead a centralized effort to combat both Title IX complaints and bullying.
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Earlier this month, the ISD also published an After Action Review of the situation that recommended better protocols be set up for responding to student protests, that more counseling be provided to students, and that a more reliable chain of command be implemented. Staff