By Ken Molestina

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – The importance of getting a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot, even for those who have recovered from COVID-19, is being highlighted by the medical community.

The advice comes as the FDA has authorized Moderna booster shots to be given at least five months after the second dose.

The idea that contracting COVID-19, and more specifically the omicron variant will leave patients with enough antibodies that they don’t need the vaccine, is a misconception says Baylor Scott & White Health Dr. David Winter.

“I wish we had a blood test that would tell us of antibody levels are at this level then you don’t need another booster, you don’t need another vaccine. We don’t have that. Maybe one day we will get that, but we don’t have enough reliable data to use that information,” said Dr. Winter.

The advice, he says, is to still get fully vaccinated.

“So yes if you’ve had omicron you should get another vaccine or get a booster if you are do for that,” said Dr. Winter. “You should wait until your symptoms are gone certainly, and maybe another week after that.”

While the vaccines aren’t guaranteed to prevent COVID-19, they are proven to lesson the coronavirus’ effect on those who do get infected.

As for when cases of the omicron variant might peak, Dr. Winter explained, “We’ve seen the surges last about two months. So, this current surge we are looking at that and need to throw in also the holidays which can kind of amplify and extend that. But it looks like this surge should probably start to plateau n about 2 weeks from now and then start to head down.”