Hot Tub Confessional: Relaxing After Day 1Shan & RJ sit down for the first Coleman Hot Tub Confessional after the first day of broadcasting at Cowboys Camp in Oxnard.
Touring The Miller Lite Beach House
Inside RJ's Lucky BackpackWhat's inside RJ's lucky backpack? it's quite disturbing...and weird...and without explanation.
K&C Find Something Weird On The BeachCory and Tim found something on the beach. It's pretty awesome and might be deadly.
K&C And The California SealsThe video leave a lot to be desired but these two knuckleheads say dumb things while staring at seals.
K&C And The Killer BeeWe were on our way home when suddenly a bee started buzzing in the back window!
Paying Off The Wheel Of Misfortune105.3 The Fan's Mike Fisher hits Kevin in the head with a glass bottle. It shatters. Kevin screams. The video is incredible.
Touring The Oxnard Tennis Court With K&CKevin and Cory are in Oxnard for Cowboys Camp! They tour the media tennis courts, only to find one thing... they're the only ones working.
Interviewing Players Can Be Fun TooWhen you talk to players you can approach it in various different ways.
The Struggle is Real – Fat Man HungerIt’s Day 1 at Dallas Cowboys Training Camp and we’re not even there yet.
Should I Eat It?Old segment should I eat it makes a comeback on the beach at Oxnard. Something fishy is laying around the beach, what is it?
Kevin Repeats His Bad Habits In OxnardEvery time Cory drives past Kevin on Central Expressway, he's doing one thing. And he's doing it at the Bud Light Beach House.
K&C Arrive At The Bud Light Beach HouseThe K&C Masterpiece are taking their turn in Oxnard covering Cowboys training camp for The Fan.
Bacsik Backs Down From 'NFL Hands' ClaimThe G-Bag Nation's Mike Bacsik has been claiming to have the best hands -- in the NFL. Training camp has changed his perspective, and Mike Fisher knew it all along.
Chris Arnold Plants The Flag In OxnardChris feels guilty about the fact that the G-Bag Nation is in Oxnard...So what does he do? He plants the flag for all the G-Bag Nationals.