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Better Late Than Never: Texas Workforce Commission Gets A Phone Messaging SystemThousands of unemployed Texans were delayed benefits last spring because they were unable to reach the state agency.
Texas Now Publicly Posting Names Of Companies That Lose Personal Data In CyberattackThe company name, type of personal information stolen, and how many Texans affected will be listed on the state website for anyone to see.
Texas Schools To Share Threat Intelligence To Combat CyberattacksThe Texas Education Agency will collect and share reports of cyberattacks from school districts anonymously with participating schools.
Is Your Child’s Teacher Vaccinated For COVID-19? Most North Texas Schools Districts Aren't AskingWhile several local school districts push for masks, North Texas schools are not requiring vaccines for teachers.
I-TEAM: Hundreds Of Complaints Against A Rental Company With An A+ RatingA North Texas woman and her boyfriend say they finally found a place to call home after she says a rental company gave her the runaround for weeks, leaving her homeless.
I-Team: Flight Attendants Brace For More ‘Unruly’ Passengers As Mask Mandate Extends To January The FAA says more than 70% of ‘unruly’ passenger behavior reports stem from passengers not wanting to comply with the federal mask mandate.
Has Your Kid's Texas School District Been Hammered By Cyberattacks? I-Team InvestigationThe incidents range from teachers accidentally emailing student personal information out to the whole class to overseas ransomware attacks that paralyses an entire district’s computer system.
I-Team: Texas Families At Risk Of Missing Out On $1.2B In Child Tax Credit PaymentsA CBS 11 I-Team analysis of federal data found that thousands of North Texas children have not been claimed on tax returns by their parents and thus are at risk of missing out the advanced tax credit.
North Texas Families Discovering Free Alternative To In-Person SchoolThe network is "fully accredited by the TEA" and is available free to students in grades 3 through 12 who "live anywhere in the state."
Denied Small Business Owners Frustrated As $27B In COVID-19 Relief Remains UnusedWhile billions of dollars are still available in COVID-19 relief, some small business owners said getting the help they need has proven to be difficult.
As 'Unruly' Passenger Behavior Soars, Will Airlines Still Require Masks After September 13?Since the return of air travel, the FAA said there’s been an unprecedented level tension between passengers and flight crews.
I-Team: North Texas Couple Has 'Dream' Home Taken Away Months After Signing Builder's Contract”This house I sold for $525,000 is now going to cost me $750,000 to build. What am I going to do? The only thing you can do is go to the customer and say, ‘we got a problem,’” builder Kim Paschal said.
I-Team: Victims Gather To Speak Out About Sexual Abuse At Popular Christian CampEach person who spoke with the CBS 11 I-Team says he or she, or a family member of his or hers, was sexually abused at Kanakuk Kamps sometime between 1999 and 2008.
Frisco's Grand Park No Longer An 'Urban Legend' As City Can Finally Finish Exide Cleanup“This park will actually be bigger than Central Park in New York,” explained Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney.
Feds Warn Against Fake COVID-19 Vaccine CardsThe CBS 11 I-Team was able to make a purchase for blank vaccine cards advertised online. The listing has been taken down.
Family Battles Scarborough Renaissance Festival And Texas Law Over Sexual Assault On FairgroundsEllis County records show the sheriff department was called to the festival three times since 2013 by victims claiming to be assaulted by employees.
I-Team: Drinking Water Violations Continue To Pile Up For A Fort Worth SuburbFor the city of White Settlement, the most recent violation occurred last year for failing to properly monitor the drinking water for E.coli.
Interactive Map: Drinking Water Violations In North TexasIn the past five years, 64 cities and water utility districts in the Dallas-Fort Worth area have had at least one violation of Safe Water Drinking Act.
Texas Lawmakers Pass Bill That Could Silence RobocallsThe 214 and 817 area codes rank among the highest in the nation in the number of robocalls received, according to the Robocall Index by Youmail.
'We Don't Hear About Most Of Them': Cyberattacks On US Businesses Growing In Frequency, MagnitudeThe cyberattack on world’s largest meat producer, JBS, is the latest in a growing number of hits on U.S. businesses and infrastructure.
Real North Texas Businesses Have Bank Accounts Frozen In Federal Push To Find COVID-19 FraudstersSeveral small business owners and independent contractors have had their bank accounts frozen after receiving federal Covid-19 relief funding.
I-Team: How To Do A Safety Check On Your Child's Summer CampIn Texas, 547 camps will welcome 948,133 campers in the coming weeks, according to the American Camp Association.
Nigerian Cybercriminal Gang Targets Texas Unemployment SystemOrganized cybercriminal gangs, such as the Scattered Canary, work in volume and often share tips among each other on how to be more efficient.
I-Team: Texas Small Business Owner Denied Access To Own Money After Approved For PPP LoanInstead of helping one North Texas woman's at-home business recover from the pandemic, she said the PPP loan made her financial situation worse.
I-Team: 3 Ways To Avoid Becoming Victim Of Savvy, Sophisticated ScamsReports of romance, imposter and puppy scams have gone up recently, and, although they aren't new, they are becoming more sophisticated and successful.
Secrets For Travelers During Surge In 'Revenge Travel'There are rules and regulations surrounding what documents you need to safely travel and what tests you need to take to get there and back home.
Working From Home Is Exposing Us To Another Type Of Virus: CybercrimeAccording to the FBI’s internet crime report, complaints rose 69% from 2019 to 2020. Money loss jumped around $700 million, from $3.5 billion to $4.2 billion.
Payment Protection Program Runs Out Of Money Ahead Of May 31 Application DeadlineThe enormously popular small business relief program, known as the Payment Protection Program (PPP) has run out of money.
Texas Lawmakers Look To Stop 'Swoop And Settle' Insurance Tactic Used After Car AccidentsTexas House Bill 1793, authored by Rep. Julie Johnson (D- Irving), would outlaw oral automotive insurance releases.