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NTSB Makes Safety Recommendations 3 Years After Gas Explosion At Dallas Home Kills 12-Year-Old GirlThe federal team made 22-findings including safety issues with the incident investigation, repairs, incident reporting, integrity management and methane detection, an odor fade issue.
'It Would Be A Lifeline For Us': Stimulus Checks Not Getting Into Hands Of Millions Of Low-Income AmericansDespite being eligible for the federal payments, Ralph Arthur of Burleson has still not received a $1,200 stimulus payment from the CARES Act or the latest $600 payment recently approved by lawmakers.
Stimulus Payments For Millions Of TurboTax Customers Beginning To Be Deposited, Company Says“Stimulus payments for millions of TurboTax customers affected by the IRS error will be deposited starting today, January 8th," a TurboTax spokesperson said in a statement.
IRS Sends Stimulus Payments To 'Wrong Bank Accounts' Affecting Estimated 13M Tax Service CustomersFor millions of Americans who used online tax services, their second stimulus payment may have been sent to the wrong bank account.
I-Team: Many North Texas Schools Unable To Find Substitute Teachers Half The Time During PandemicIn six of the largest districts in North Texas, schools were unable to find a substitute to fill-in nearly half the time when a teacher was out during the fall semester.
Haven’t Received 2nd Stimulus Check?  Here Are 4 Reasons WhyThe biggest reason people have not received their checks by now is the IRS is still in the process of sending out paper checks as well as payments on debit cards.

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Behind The Lens: Exposing MyLife.ComA "people finder" website known for rating people's reputations could be publishing inaccurate information about you online. Alanna Autler talks about her story with Brian New.
Behind The Lens On College AdmissionsCBS 11's Alanna Autler goes into detail about her comprehensive story on what it really takes for your child to get into the university of their choice.
Behind The Lens: Texas Property AppraisalsAlanna Autler talks about her in depth report on property appraisals and how to appeal those high property values that mean higher taxes.
Behind The Lens: Feds Require Hospitals To Post 'Useless' Prices OnlineWant to know the price of your next medical procedure?
Behind The Lens: Thefts In North Texas HospitalsBrian New discusses his CBS 11 I-Team investigation that found hundreds of cases in North Texas of ill patients having their valuables stolen from the hospital and why some hospital police departments can keep it secret.
Behind The Lens: Red Light Cameras Could Be Coming Down In TexasBrian New talks about how some state lawmakers are keen on getting rid of the red light cameras once and for all.
Behind The Lens: Counterfeit AirbagsThe I-Team's Ginger Allen talks about her Monday night special report on fake airbags.
Behind The Lens: Skimmers All Too Common At North Texas Gas PumpsAlanna Autler talks about her I-Team story on area law enforcements' effort to catch those putting skimming devices on gas pumps.
Behind The Lens: Dangerous Dallas CornerCBS 11 I-Team reporter Brian New discusses his special report on the city of Dallas suing the owner of a self-service car wash in Pleasant Grove due to persistent crime.