Behind The Lens

Behind The Lens: Counterfeit AirbagsThe I-Team's Ginger Allen talks about her Monday night special report on fake airbags.
Behind The Lens: Skimmers All Too Common At North Texas Gas PumpsAlanna Autler talks about her I-Team story on area law enforcements' effort to catch those putting skimming devices on gas pumps.
Behind The Lens: Dangerous Dallas CornerCBS 11 I-Team reporter Brian New discusses his special report on the city of Dallas suing the owner of a self-service car wash in Pleasant Grove due to persistent crime.
Behind The Lens: Car-Cattle CollisionsCBS 11 I-Team investigator Brian New discusses his story on liability laws when a driver crashes into livestock that got beyond a fence and into the road.
Behind The Lens: Facial Recognition TechnologyThe CBS 11 News I-Team discovered facial recognition is used by more than a half dozen North Texas law enforcement agencies, in some cases with little public awareness.
Behind The Lens: Customers Shocked By Costs Tied To Pet Financing, LeasingI-Team reporters Alanna Autler and Brian New discuss pet financing and its impact on weary owners and their precious animals.
Behind The Lens: A Look Inside The Mind Of 'Notorious Texas Killer'CBS 11 I-Team reporter Ginger Allen talks about her story on a true crime author who was the only person to interview death row inmate Eric Williams in jail.
Behind The Lens: Tracking Down Answers From Lawmakers On Roofer FraudCBS 11 crew talk about the 'story behind the story' while tracking down answers from Texas lawmakers about fraudulent roofers.