Cowboys 38, Eagles 33: My Top 10 CBS ContemplationsKudos to the crowd of over 81,000. They were lathered and loud. They booed when necessary, cheered Emmitt Smith’s appearance on JumboJerry and even – unprompted, mind you – broke into a “Let’s go Cow-boys!”
Whitt's End: 11.30.12Whether you’ve reached the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt’s End
Cowboys Playoff Path Exists, But Only If You Squint Real HardIt is a long-shot premise founded not in confidence or faith or fact-based pragmatism, but rather flimsily constructed on the time-untested tenet of irrational hope. Because, let’s face it, when you’re 5-6 and coming off a Thanksgiving scalping at the hands of a rookie quarterback on your most intense rival, hope is all you have.
Cowboys Season In Microcosm: The Sick SixDespite having his worst season as a starting quarterback, Tony Romo is 3rd in the NFL with 3,357 passing yards and is near the pace for the 1st 5,000-yard season in franchise history.
Whitt's End: 11.23.12 2 signs of the Cowboys’ Apocalypse on Thanksgiving at Cowboys Stadium: 1. Out of confusion, Tony Romo ran a quarterback sneak on 1st-and-10 with his team trailing 28-6; 2. Out of boredom, a female fan below the press box was actually knitting.
Team Turkey: Your Dallas CowboysCowboys quarterback Tony Romo has a reputation as a choker. And yet, there's no denying it: Romo is the NFL’s best all-time November quarterback.
Cowboys 23, Browns 20: My Top 10 CBS ContemplationsAs he waltzed into the post-game locker room owner Jerry Jones joked to the media: “Had it all the way.” But, admit it, down 13-0 at the half and trailing 20-17 with 1:07 remaining in the game, you thought a humiliating loss to the lowly Browns would end Dallas’ season before the 1st helping of dressing 4 days from now.
Whitt's End: 11.16.12Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: the Cowboys’ draft class sucks. Can’t call it a bust yet, but you can say every player drafted back in April – except for Morris Claiborne – is a disappointment.
Cowboys 38, Eagles 23: My Top 10 CBS ContemplationsIt wasn’t pretty, but it was pertinent. Somehow, some way, the Cowboys had to win this game.
Whitt's End: 11.9.12Texas A&M fans are really puffing out their shaved heads and looking for apologies from doubters in the wake of quarterback Johnny Manziel making them relevant.
Four More Years... Of A Very Athletic PresidentThe really important takeaway from the 2012 presidential election is that we’ve voted for four more years of an athletic and very sports-minded guy in the White House.
Falcons 19, Cowboys 13: My Top 10 CBS ContemplationsThe Cowboys under Jason Garrett are 16-16, including 4-9 since Thanksgiving. Their repetitive errors are chronic and, at this point, they appear fatal.
Whitt's End: 11.2.12We worship our athletes. We sometimes boo our athletes. And often we forget that under the helmet or behind the uniform our athletes are human beings as well.
Mavericks 99, Lakers 91: My Top 10 CBS ContemplationsMavs owner Mark Cuban on the star-studded Lakers before the game: “I don’t know. I don’t care. I just hope they suck.” For one night, he got his wish.
Giants 29, Cowboys 24: My Top 10 CBS ContemplationsFor the first time in 34 years calling Cowboys games on the radio, Brad Sham on Sunday angrily suggested a player be benched. Yep: Dez Bryant.