Texan With Character: Wayne CraigWalking through the front door at Wayne’s Boot and Shoe Repair is to take a step back in time.
Couple Raises Drunk Driving Awareness Via UberWhen the sun goes down, the challenge begins. The Martins hop in their car and ride around town, trying to answer as many Uber pickup calls as they can on Friday and Saturday nights. Their mission is to save lives.
Texans With Character: Top Chef Lina BiancamanoBiancamano is a Fort Worth pastry chef at Mod Bakehouse.
Texan With Character: Jim MarshallUniversity of North Texas chemistry professor Jim Marshall's hobby combines his love of history and science.
Fort Worth Surgeon Cuts Stress By PaintingThe way a Fort Worth doctor relieves his stress from surgery, makes him our latest Texan with Character.
Texan With Character: Aman LeeConsider him the fabric of the team, Aman Lee has sewn the uniforms for the Texas Rangers for years.
Texans With Character: Sherrie WilsonFighting fires and saving lives runs deep for the Dallas Fire Department’s first female firefighter.
Texan With Character: Ginny MacHer Texas-sized voice is enough to make you stop and listen, but Mac's rock star looks and instrument of choice make an even bigger impression on folks.
Texan With Character: Mariano MartinezHe's world famous for inventing the frozen margarita machine right here in North Texas.
Texan With Character: Ali EsfandiaryTonight's Texan With Character is a cowboy chef from Iran who now calls Texas home.
North Texan Riding High In The Saddle & Driving High FashionOne North Texan is excelling at two totally different passions. Meredith Ray isn’t afraid to chase down both of her dreams. She drives a truck, saddling horses, and designs high fashion handbags.