How long will it take Gladys Knight to sing the national anthem? 1 minute 49 secs or less 1:50 or more
What will be the result of the coin toss? Heads Tails
What will be the first offensive play? Run Pass
Will the Patriots score a touchdown in the first quarter? Yes No
How will the first points be scored? Touchdown Field goal/safety
Which team will score first? Rams Patriots
What will be the jersey number of the first player to score a touchdown? 1-20 21-99
How many points will be scored in the first half? Less than 27.5 More than 27.5
What will the predominant color of Adam Levine’s shirt be at the start of his halftime performance? Black Other
Will either team make a field goal in the third quarter? Yes No
How long will the longest made field goal be? Shorter than 47.5 Longer than 47.5 yards
Will the score ever be tied after it’s 0-0? Yes No
Will there be a touchdown in every quarter? Yes No
Will there be at least one missed field goal? Yes No
Will Jared Goff throw at least one interception? Yes No
Will Tom Brady rush for more than 0.5 yards? Yes No
Will there be at least one onside kick attempt? Yes No
Which team will score last? Rams Patriots
Will the total points scored be odd or even? Odd Even
Which team will win? Rams Patriots
Tiebreaker: Total points scored by both teams