NewsRadio 1080 KRLD is the station North Texas counts on for news and information,  and we are celebrating our 90th anniversary this month.

We began broadcasting in 1926 from a small second floor room at the Adolphus Hotel in downtown Dallas. 

Named after the Radio Laboratories of Dallas, the KRLD broadcast (originally at 1040 on the AM dial) was 6 hours a day, except on Wednesdays when the station closed to make repairs and recharge the batteries. Since 1938, KRLD’s 50,000-watt signal has been booming more than 100 miles in every direction, and can be heard at night in 38 states.


In the summer of 1941, KRLD moved to 1080 on the radio dial.

One of the original 16 member stations when the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) was formed in 1929, KRLD has a proud heritage of innovation.

KRLD was the first station to present live broadcasts of high school and college football games; the first to offer continuous election returns; and the first to broadcast “live” music and entertainment programs.

In 1927, KRLD became the first radio station to sell commercials.

In 1963, KRLD News Director Eddie Barker was there to announce that President John F. Kennedy was dead.

KRLD has always provided timely, memorable and relevant programs to the community.

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KRLD Transmitter

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