App Of The Day


FRIDAY (3/9): VHS Camcorder

This is an app for you to take videos. But what’s unique about this one is, when you shoot your videos, they’ll have a real retro look to them. They will look like you shot them on a VHS camcorder. You remember the look. It’s grainy, there’s a time code stamp on it. You can zoom in with that awkward fast zoom. It’s just a blast from the past. The app also has those titles that you would put onto your old VHS videos with the 80s graphics. This is also perfect if you’re having a retro 80s party. Perfect way to capture the memories. It also has the 80s sound to it. This one is just fun VHS Camcorder is $4 on iTunes. There’s a free version of a similar app on Android.

THURSDAY (3/8): Snap & Translate

Just by the name, you can probably guess what this app is all about. It’s a translation app that uses your camera to translate what you’re seeing. If you’re in a foreign country, and you have no idea what a sign says in their native language, the app translates it for you as you take a picture of it. The app does more than show you what the sign says. It also lets you hear how to pronounce the words on that sign. It works with 46 different languages around the world. Snap and Translate costs 10 bucks on iTunes.

WEDNESDAY (3/7): 4tomatic

How many of you remember the old time photo booths? You put your money into the slot. You look into a square lens and make funny faces as the camera ticks off 4 separate pictures of you. Those pictures come out in a strip that you can keep. This app does the same thing. It’s a selfie app that lets you take four photos by yourself or with someone else. They come the same way as the classic photobooth. Once you press the button, it starts taking 4 pictures. Then because this is the 21st century, the app puts together with some animation. 4tomatic is a free app for now on iTunes.

TUESDAY (3/6): Any.Do

This is an app for the disorganized, or the organized. It’s an organization to keep your life centered on the tasks at hand without worrying about your schedule. You set up the appointments that you have. It syncs with all your devices. It provides reminders about what you have coming up on your calendar. Set up your meetings and follow ups. That’s just what the free version does. There’s also a pro version that does even more like your gift or grocery shopping. It’s like your own personal assistant in your phone. Any.Do is a free app on iTunes and Android. It does have a subscription model in the pro version.

THURSDAY (3/1): Hopper

Right about now, you might be planning your summer vacation trips if you are a long term planner. OR if you’re one that waits til the last minute, spring break. Hopper can help you with airfares, at least. it scours just about every airfare on the planet to find the best rates at the best time. You tell it where you want to fly. The bunny starts looking for the best fares. The second it drops to a low rate, the app nudges you to buy it now. The app says it looks at 15 billion flight prices every day and it predicts the future and gets it right 95 percent of the time. Hopper is a free app on iTunes and Android.

WEDNESDAY (2/28): Vero

This is the #1 app in the App Store right now. And there’s a possibility it might be the next big thing for social networks. When you get the app, you create an account and start finding your friends. The difference with this one is, this app doesn’t take advertising like Facebook or Twitter. It also shows you what your friends are posting. There aren’t any fancy algorithms that only show you certain posts. Vero also doesn’t allow for screen names or handles. You are your name, first and last. It’s a very user friendly interface. Clean and easy to navigate. When you add people, you can decide if they’re just going to be acquaintances, friends or close friends. That way you can decide who gets to see what you post. Vero. It’s real hot right now. It’s free for now on iTunes and Android.

TUESDAY (2/27): Aquarium Live HD

Is there anything more peaceful than an aquarium? Watching the fish swimming around the tank? The colors. But, come on. Who really wants the responsibility of actual living fish? There’s the feeding and the tank cleaning and issues of pH and all that. This app gives you all the relaxing benefits of a simple fish tank without the muss and fuss and floating goldie. You can have the fish tank app running on your phone or tablet. It comes with HD videos of fish. You can choose from Busy or Calm Coral Reef, Shark Paradise, or Clear Aquarium. Virtual fish without the responsibility. Your only worry would be, your battery life. It also has soothing marine sounds to play in the background. Ocean waves, calm seas and aquarium bubbles. Aquarium Live HD is a free app on iTunes. It has in-app purchases.

MONDAY: (2/26): Remember The Milk

Some people are so busy with their own lives, they need a little help organizing those lives. Or at least finding something to keep them organized. This is an app to keep your lists and schedules straight. You can load everything you need To Do in the app and the app will remember everything you need to do. Plus, you can sync your schedule across platforms to your other devices, like a PC or tablet. It will send you texts, or instant messages or emails to remind you when something is coming up quickly. It also integrates with your Gmail, Calendar and Evernote apps as well. Remember the Milk is free on iTunes and Android. It has an upgrade to a pro edition with an in-app purchase.

FRIDAY (2/23): Krazy Coupon Lady

This app helps you to find great shopping deals at the major retailers, like Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Costco and others. It lets you make shopping lists. And find different kinds of deals. It comes with coupons that you need or will find out that you need at whatever store you go into. Every store in the app has its own page to show you more specials. It has thousands of coupons that you can use on your missions. The Krazy Coupon Lady comes to you with more than 5 dozen new deals every day. It even comes with how-to videos to turn you into a crazy couponing person yourself. Krazy Coupon Lady. Krazy with a K. It’s a free app on iTunes and Android.

THURSDAY (2/22): Skinny Desserts

We understand. There are people that love everything about desserts, except the amount of weight that they can put on by eating too many of them. This app comes riding to the rescue. It’s a cooking app that provides dessert recipes that won’t defeat your calorie counts in a single serving. It’s a way to satisfy your sweet tooth and still be able to fit into your clothes. There are samples like Raw Berry Tarts, Chocolate Avocado Chia Pudding and more. Skinny Desserts breaks it down into six different categories, like sugar-free, gluten-free, Paleo pleasures and chocolate. You can’t get rid of chocolate. Skinny Desserts is $0.99 on iTunes. It has in-app purchases.

WEDNESDAY (2/21): TunnelBear

If you’re going to be using public Wi-Fi anywhere outside your trusted zone, you’ll need a VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. This app lets you do what you need to do in the public spaces and not worry about other people stealing your data through the open Internet. It connects you privately to whichever website you wish to go. It encrypts your data and no one else can read it or steal it. You can also rest assured that Internet providers won’t be spying on you. It has servers in more than 20 countries to make it look like your signal originates from any one of them. That way you can get around some sites that are blocked from where you really are. It’s also simple. TunnelBear is a free VPN app for iPhone, Android and Chrome OS. It has in-app purchases and a subscription model if you wish extra protection.

TUESDAY (2/20): Life Matters

This is a recording app for a time when you might need to have a conversation kept somewhere. For whatever the reason. The owners say you can use it to record a traffic stop, for example. It’s pretty simple to run. Push the big red button to start the recording. Push it again to stop the recording. It keeps an encrypted recording of the conversations that you have or the interactions you run into. As a word of warning, make sure you know the laws in your state when you use this app. Some laws only require one person’s permission. Others say the person on the other end has the right to know you’re recording them. There are stiff penalties in those states. Life Matters is free on iTunes. It also has an in-app purchase.

MONDAY (2/19): Carrot Weather

If you need a little snark in your weather.  Let the guys from Carrot give it to you.  This one tells you what’s coming up outside.  It gives daily, hourly and current forecasts.  But it also adds a little bit of extra snarky personality to the information.  You never know what this weather app will say when there’s something happening outside.  It has full weather radars to check out.  The Carrot can also show you what the weather has done for the last 70 years on any date for any location.  It now has the ability to use Augmented Reality to bring it into your real world, just like Pokémon Go.  Snark costs. Carrot Weather is $5 on iTunes.  It also has an in app subscription.

FRIDAY (2/16): Microsoft Photos Companion

Our App today is called Microsoft Photos Companion. One thing about saving up your photos on your phone is that they take up a lot of space on your phone’s hard drive. This app will let you take as many pictures off your phone and transfer them to your PC as long as it has Windows 10. Once you get them on your computer, you can save them and back them up. You get the app on your phone, scan the QR code in the Windows Photos app. After you get them paired up, just transfer your pictures through your Wi-Fi. This is new from Microsoft. It’s called Microsoft Photos Companion. It’s a free app on iTunes and Android.

THURSDAY (2/15): Magnifier Flash

Our App today is called Magnifier Flash.  Everybody needs help with the small print at some time.  Your age doesn’t matter.  Sometimes, the letters are just too small.  This app will magnify what you’re looking at.  It also brightens what you’re seeing, by activating the flashlight.  The app is like a lighted magnifying glass.  It’s great if you’re in a dimly lit restaurant and you’re having a rough time reading the menu.  The app magnifies what you’re looking at up to 6 times crystal clear.  You can even take a photo of what you’re looking at if you don’t want to disturb others around you with the light.  Magnifier Flash is a free app for now on iTunes.

WEDNESDAY (2/14): Houzz

Our App today is called Houzz. This is an app that’s designed to give you an interior designer in your phone or tablet. It’s an idea starter to provide you with inspirations for whatever projects you want to do inside your house. It comes with more than 15 million different photos of interiors and exteriors for your home. You can pick whatever room you’re thinking of and start there. Choose from styles. Get recommendations from the pros. It also lets you shop for the materials that you need to get the project done, start to finish. You can actually buy the suggestions that Houzz shows you on the app. It also has connections with more than a million and half building and other professionals for help. Houzz is one of the top rated apps for home improvement. 5 stars. It’s free on iTunes and Android. You pay for the reno.

TUESDAY (2/13): My Sketch

This is an artsy app for your photos in your camera roll and the pictures that you take. This app will turn your photos into different kinds of pencil sketches. It has 20 different types of sketches to choose from. Anything from a straight pencil sketch to sketches with the softest pastel colors to accent the highlights of the picture. You can also do some adjusting of the brightness and the contrast to enhance the images. Then go ahead and share your masterpieces on your social media. My Sketch is a free app on iTunes and $1.80 on Android.

FRIDAY (2/9): Gudak

These are the days when we can take all the pictures that we want and we get the immediate gratification of the perfect shot. Delete if you want. But, there’s something to be said for nostalgia. Remember the days when you had your Instamatic camera? 24 shots or 36. You took the picture and scrolled forward. You had no idea if you really got it or not, until you finished the roll and turned the film in to get developed. This app takes you back to those days. You get 24 shots on your film roll. You have to go through all the shots. Then you wait for 3 days to see the results. Finish a roll. Wait an hour to reload the film for the next roll. It’s a trip in the Wayback Machine of photography. Gudak is 99 cents on iTunes.

THURSDAY (2/8): Wimage

It’s a combination of word and image. That’s exactly what it does. This app can turn your words into images or icons. They’re trying to turn you away from using emojis. You just type in the word and you can choose from different options. It allows you to make changes to the colors and you can add other Wimages before you send off your message. This app can also help kids become illustrators. It’s something new. A new way to communicate using Wimages. Wimage is a free app on iTunes

WEDNESDAY (2/7): BizClips

We already know that the hunt for a new job has moved online in a lot of cases. Employers find new workers through business websites like LinkedIn and social media. This app utilizes those kinds of interactions in an app form. It says it can help you establish connections with potential employers. Those employers can show you what you can expect from their businesses. It has a virtual tour of those companies. They can post all the job openings that are available. You as a job hunter can post your video resume. This isn’t just a jobs dating site. Regular people can also use it for video reviews like a Yelp. BizClips is a free app on iTunes and Android.

TUESDAY (2/6):

Our App today is called There’s one real difficult thing to do when you’re looking at artwork to put on your walls. How do you know what that artwork will actually LOOK like on your own walls? This app lets you run through all kinds of different paintings and other works of art. It then lets you take those pieces of art and use an Augmented Reality function called Art View. That way you can virtually place the print or the painting on your wall. See what it would look like hanging in your living room. It’s also a one-stop shop for finding just the right artwork for your décor and taste. The app shows you the masters and up and coming artists. It will even sell you frames and mounts, whatever you need to get just the right thing. with ArtView is a free app on iTunes.

MONDAY (2/5): Tasty

This is a cooking app for you to find your next favorite meals to eat. The app has more than two thousand recipes that are ready for you. It has step by step instructions on how to put together the perfect meal. It has video instructions to guide you from start to finish. The app also has recommendations if you just can’t think of what you want to have for lunch or dinner. There’s a vegetarian option if you want something meatless on the menu. The search option gives you ideas based on the ingredients you have on hand. Or you can fill out a shopping list. Tasty is a free app on iTunes.

FRIDAY (2/2): Team USA

The Winter Olympics are coming up next week. This is all the app you need to follow along with all the American athletes and sports at the Winter Olympics in South Korea. It connects the fans with the team. You can follow along with their stories and profiles. There are pictures and videos. It even has all the social media links Winter Olympics fans need. The app shows the team trials. It also lets you find the best moments of the Olympic games. And don’t forget the Paralympics athletes as well. The app even lets you take part with a curling challenge game as well. Team USA is a free app on iTunes and Android.

THURSDAY (2/1): Nutshell

This is a fun photography app that lets you turn your still shots into a mini movie. All you have to do is take three different pictures. Then you can add captions or even animations. The app then converts them all into your mini-movie. Think of some of the animations you see with stories on Instagram. Instead of using Boomerang, you can use this. The three pictures and whatever other enhancements you want, Nutshell combines them and gets the pictures moving. Your three pictures make up the beginning, middle and end of your movie. Nutshell is a free app on iTunes.