Mike Prendergast

I’ve been chasing since 2011, but I’ve been into weather since the eye of Hurricane Alicia moved over our house in south Houston in 1983. The fury and strength of weather has fascinating me ever since.

I love to experience the power of storms first hand; the sights, smells and sounds of it all. There is nothing more exhilarating than witnessing a tornado over an open field up close and personal!

As much as I want to see a tornado, I never want to see it impacting people or property. That is why my wife and I are also trained in first aid so we can assist anyone in need we come across during a severe weather event until the first responders can get there. We also want to be able to relay what information we can during severe weather events to the community through CBS 11 and the National Weather Service.

Did I mention my wife chases with me when she can?

My most memorable tornado was on May 15, 2013. I was sitting in Granbury when the initial storm started ramping up. I remember the storm taking a “right turn” as it was about to produce a tornado and going directly over me and the city. It didn’t put down a tornado at that moment thankfully but did over Lake Granbury. The view of the backside of the storm was something I’ll never forget.

When not chasing storms, I’m the Program Director at 94.9 KLTY.