Texas school districts are facing big budget deficits in the 2012-2013 state budget cycle.  Collectively, they need to plug a $9.3 billion gap over the next two years.  That means hard choices and big cuts for many districts.  Click any district on the map below to learn its projected deficit compared to its budgeted expenditures in 2010-2011. The lighter the color, the smaller the ratio percentage of state revenue cut to expenditures is. Total budgeted expenditures are rounded to the nearest thousand.

These numbers are from Moak, Casey and Associates, an Austin educational consulting firm.  The Dallas and Denton ISDs use the firm’s estimates in their own budget planning.  There are several ways state legislators could cut the $9.3 billion.  For this map we used Moak, Casey’s proration formula, which is the one the Dallas ISD used in its upcoming budget plan.

At a time when school districts are short millions of dollars and teachers face the possibility of losing their job, is it time to consider cutting the lofty pay of administrators?
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By Matt Goodman & Kent Chapline, CBSDFW.COM

Editor’s note: The initial version of this map included the Interest & Sinking portions of Northwest ISD’s tax rate in its budgeted expenditures. That number has been removed and the actual expenditures clarified.