A Rare Medium Well Done: 12.10.12In the small illustration the Cowboys won a game that they needed. But in the large frame, the team pulled together with the intermittent application of human palliatives.
A Rare Medium Well Done: 11.20.12It should be noted that Loria is a pugnacious, self-righteous character of charmless egocentricity. He's a crook. In his arrogant defiance of fate, he played the paying customers.
A Rare Medium Well Done: 10.19.12The fall of former DFW denizen Lance Armstrong is mighty and hard. With overwhelming evidence that he did in fact dope while biking, he is now toxic. Gone are the lavish endorsements. Gone is his reputation.
A Rare Medium Well Done: 8.28.12most know im not a huge dez bryant fan...i believe in the long run he's gonna be more trouble than worth..but
A Rare Medium Well Done: 8.10.12two great corners added... dez looks like he's interested in playing...sean lee and bruce carter are making plays all over field...romo looks sharp...and the whole camp is relaxed.
A Rare Medium Well Done: 8.9.12i love my job...matter of fact..i have the greatest job in the world..at age 52..i've never toiled at a real job...i was lifeguard..bartender..and then radio...i'm very blessed.
A Rare Medium Well Done: 8.3.12there is only one word to describe the cowboys offensive line..."ridiculous"...they are silly bad...if its not blowing assignments and getting romo killed...it's injuries.
A Rare Medium Well Done: 8.1.12the running back in the nfl is becoming a dinosaur...no longer are teams content on the patience of a running game...all makes for the diminished role of the ball carriers