The Ones For Justice Takes Closer Look At Secrecy Behind Organization In Charge Of The SAT, ACTA nonprofit known as The College Board administers the exams worldwide. Three of its administrators and proctors were charged in "Operation Varsity Blues."
Students, Parents And Texas Governor Weigh In On College Admissions Scandal"I worked pretty hard throughout this college process and all the work that I’ve put into it on the ACT and all of that stuff seems like it’s kind of going to waste," high school student Caleb Shirk said.
Scores Sagging For High Schoolers Taking ACT TestNearly two-thirds of this year's high school graduates took the ACT college entrance exam, and their scores suggest that many of them remain unprepared for the rigors of college-level coursework.
ACT Says College Exam Scores Are StagnantHigh schools haven't shown much improvement in the past four years when it comes to preparing college-ready graduates, according to the group that administers the ACT exam.
A Redesigned SAT Will Debut In Spring 2016The College Board, who administers the SAT, announced earlier this year they are giving the exam a major overhaul and cite eight specific changes.
40 Percent Of Texas Graduates Took ACTA report from the organization that produces the ACT college entrance exam says about 40 percent of Texas' graduating class this year took the test.
Job Seekers Asked To Reveal SAT Scores Decades LaterAccording to a Wall Street Journal article, some companies screen the SAT results of prospective employees even decades after the standardized test was originally taken.
Texas ACT Scores Rise To Match National AverageTexas students' average score on the ACT college entrance exam has risen slightly and now matches the national average.
Expert: Texas Student SAT, ACT Scores Largely FlatAn expert has suggested that tougher Texas standardized tests have not translated to statewide student improvement on the SAT and ACT.
Texas ACT Scores Lower Than National AverageTexas students taking the ACT college entrance exam have scored slightly lower than the national average.
Parents Upset With Company Selling College Prep MaterialsThe company has more than 100 complaints on file with the Better Business Bureau.