I-Team: Eagle Stadium Failed 2012 State Disability InspectionAn I-Team investigation into Allen Eagle Stadium shows more problems than just the cracks on the concourse.
Allen ISD Stadium Hosted Football Games Prior To Safety ApprovalThe CBS 11 I-Team has uncovered new information involving Allen ISD’s $60 million dollar football stadium and its fire inspection.
Stadium Cracks Noticed By Allen ISD In 2012During the construction of Allen ISD's stadium in 2012, a third party company found items out of compliance, according to documents obtained by the CBS 11 I-Team.
Allen ISD Stadium Cracks 20 Times Bigger Than Industry StandardMissteps exposed – We may soon learn more definitively what caused the cracks in Allen ISD's $60 million stadium. The district is set to release a new report on Thursday that is said to contain “shortcomings in the engineering and possibly construction of the stadium.”
Allen Stadium Report To Be Made Public This Week
Allen ISD Stadium Inspections Were Responsibility Of School & CityIn Texas, there is no state agency that oversees general contractors like Pogue Construction. So, in cases like the one in Allen, it's up to the school district and city to make sure inspections are done and the contractor is following building codes.
Allen Eagle Stadium To Remain Closed For 2014 SeasonSignificant structural problems at Allen High School's $60 million Eagle Stadium will force the stadium to remain closed for the 2014 season, the district announced on Tuesday.
Report: "Excessive" Concrete Shrinking At Allen StadiumA preliminary report on the cracking at the football stadium in Allen points a finger at structural and material problems at the 60-million dollar complex.
Report: Concrete Shrinkage Caused Cracks At Allen ISD’s $60M StadiumThe problems with the cracks at Allen ISD’s $60-million stadium can be traced back to when the stadium was built two years ago, according to a preliminary report obtain about CBS 11.
Allen ISD's $60 Million Football Stadium Closed For MonthsThere appears to be a problem with Allen ISD's brand new, nearly $60 million stadium.
New $60 Million Allen H.S. Football Field CompleteThe City of Allen is about to take high school athletics to a whole new level. The school district is about to open a new $60 million football stadium. The facility is being called one of the best in the country.