Arrests Made In Connection With 2 North Texas Animal Cruelty CasesThe Van Zandt County Sheriff's Office has made arrests in connection with two different animal cruelty cases after the SPCA of Texas filed criminal charges against the suspects.
Dallas Police Looking To Solve Multiple Animal Cruelty Cases Involving Dogs That Were ShotThe Dallas Police Department is attempting to solve two separate cases of animal cruelty involving dogs that were shot.
Dallas Police Officers Looking For Animal Cruelty Suspect Who Abandoned Puppy The Dallas Police Department is searching for someone who abandoned a tan and black German Shepherd-type puppy in the 3400 block of Bonnie View Road.
Kaufman County Sheriff's Office Searching For Man Who Shot, Killed DogThe Kaufman County Sheriff's Office is asking the public to help identify an animal cruelty suspect who allegedly shot a pitbull, leaving it to die on July 20. 
4 Sheep Rescued From Trunk Of Car In Hunt County During Traffic Stop, 1 Found DeceasedAccording to the SPCA of Texas, the sheep were "confined to and being transported in a cruel manner in the small trunk space without circulating airflow, which was believed to have exceeded 100 degrees Fahrenheit."
Ruben Wilson Arrested In Parker County For Abuse Of 2 German Short-Haired PointersTwo dogs have been seized and a man in Parker County was arrested for allegedly abusing and neglecting them.
Police Need Help Identifying Suspect After Injured Puppy Abandoned At Hulsey Park The Dallas Police Department is seeking the public’s help in identifying a suspect who abandoned an injured puppy at 1421 Danieldale Road, Hulsey Park.
Fort Worth Police Department Sees Uptick In Animal Cruelty Cases, Adds Online Reporting To SystemThe complaints will go straight to a detective. Officers say, the tool is meant for people to easily and safely bring attention to the crime.
21 Dogs Removed From 'Overwhelmed Owner' Of One Bedroom Apartment In ArlingtonTwenty-one dogs were removed from a one bedroom apartment amid squalid conditions in Arlington this week. 
Animal Control Saves Pets From Home With Foul Odor So Strong, Neighbors Could Smell It Animal urine and feces covered the floors of the home, which had an inside temperature of 103-degrees. All the windows were shut, the ceilings were caving in, insulation was exposed and there wasn't any food or water.
SPCA Of Texas Rescues 12 Dogs Left Without Food, Water For 5 Days From 'Filthy, Feces-Filled' Trailer Found in a small, filthy mobile home filled with feces, urine and other debris, 12 dogs who didn't have access to food and water for days are now safe.