Video: Another Day In The Beach House Sometimes it's best to be in the dark about some things...except when it comes to The Fan guys at the Oxnard Beach House.
Video: The Corn Cob ControversyWhen the guys sat down to break some bread - Shan and Mike Fisher were astounded to watch Roy CUT the corn off his cobb. Why?
Take A Tour Of The Fan's Beach HouseThe Fan is back in sunny southern California to bring you the best coverage of Dallas Cowboys training camp. When the guys aren't broadcasting - they are here at the Fan's beach house!
Random Observations From Cowboys Camp In OxnardWe drunk dialed Troy Aikman Thursday night after Mike Fisher said #8 was better than John Elway. Did I mention the word drunk?
Roy Gets Out And Enjoys The BeachThe fellas take a break from all the 'in-house' drama to actually go outside and enjoy what is right in their backyard!
RJ Vents In The Beach House ConfessionalYou can tell RJ had something he needed to get off his chest because he's in a room, all alone, surrounded by towels! Towels?
Roy Sounds Off In The Beach House ConfessionalYou knew it would only be a matter of time before egos and personalities started to clash - and it's not even been 24 hours!
Shan's Random Notes From OxnardRJ Choppy was the first to cook for the Bud Light beach house. Chop went with scrambled eggs for breakfast. Even though I used ketchup, they were still impressive.
Mike Fisher's Beach House ConfessionalMike Fisher has two confessions to make. One involves his iPhone charger, the other -- a plunger.