Book By Rick Perry Focuses On States' RightsTexas' governor has been caught off guard by excerpts released early from his new book that is highly critical of the federal government. Rick Perry says America has become the type of nation that the colonists fought against 200 years ago.
Perry Pleased With Polls Heading Into Weekend
Bill White Kicks Up Votes On Texas CollegesGubernatorial candidate Bill White has kicked off a campaign tour of Texas colleges in a honky-tonk near the University of North Texas campus with singer-songwriter Robert Earl Keen on guitar and backup vocals.
White Claims Governor Appointees Help Politically Connected FirmsThe latest fight in the Governor’s race deals with who is making investment decisions at the Teacher’s Retirement System.
No Sanctuary
Governor’s Lead Blossoms in New Rasmussen Poll
Perry Up in Another Poll
In Tight Governor's Race, Every Decision CountsWith less than a month until Election Day, some polls show a tightening governor's race. But among black voters, it's not even close: A variety of polls show that Democratic candidate Bill White has a huge lead over Republican Governor Rick Perry. One describes the gap as four to one. However, a political decision White made has insulted some in the black community.
New Poll Gives Incumbent Lead
Governor Fund Fight
Tea Partiers Trend Toward Perry, With ReservationsAs Gov. Rick Perry campaigns for a third full term, he may have to look for a tea party himself. While members of the movement say Perry is preferable to Democrat Bill White, many are focusing their energy on down-ballot races, not the top-of-the-ticket contest.