Texas Teen Wasn't Sure He'd Live To Graduate High School; He Did!CBS11 first told his story in 2012. At 13-years-old, Ethan Paul Tepera was bald from leukemia treatments.
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TNT's Craig Sager Hangs Tough In Leukemia BattleAn IV pole holds the stem cells Craig Sager is counting on to save his life. He cradled the tube, watching the crimson liquid drip, drip, drip in perfect cadence into his cancer-stricken body.
McKinney Girl Battling Cancer Gets Surprise ConcertA quick, late afternoon car trip turned into a wonderful surprise for a 12-year-old McKinney girl battling cancer.
Mother's Hope For Son Lies In Cord Blood DonationA three month-old Mesquite baby has a rare genetic disease that would have gone unnoticed had it not been for the uncle he never got the chance to meet.
Become A Bone Marrow Donor Learn how you can join the National Marrow Donor Program and you may just be able to save the life of a patient suffering from blood cancer.
Family of Frisco Man Blames Employer For Accidental Shooting DeathAfter finishing an interview with CBS 11, Danny Grimes left for work. That's when his life made a turn for the worst.
Plano Girl's Fight For Life Gives Her Family The Meaning of LifeMicaela White is the girl who has it all; a graduate of Ursuline Academy with plans to attend The University of Oklahoma. Micaela White is also the girl who's been through it all.
Fate Parents Refuse To Let Cancer Determine Their Son's FateNate Oxford is only 5-years-old, but has already battled cancer three times. The cancer wouldn't go away, but the family also wouldn't give up. Drastic measures were needed so they took a chance on a radical new treatment.
Bone Marrow Transplant Saves Local Grandmother's LifeWearing a shirt that said, “Made in America with German Parts,” Milda Arlauskas, 54, anxiously waited Monday for someone she’d never met.
Cancer Gives Dallas Man 'More To Live For'James Chippendale has faced one of the toughest obstacles in life, but it motivated him to live with a purpose.