I-Team: Confusion Over CDC Eviction Ban Could Leave People Living In Motels HomelessWhile the CDC eviction moratorium has helped many Texans stay in their homes, some of those struggling the most find themselves in legal limbo - faced with being homeless.
North Texas Businesses Struggling To Survive Pandemic Face Lawsuits By Out-Of-State LawyerFlorida attorney Douglas Schapiro says he’s on a crusade for people with disabilities.
'This Is Taxpayer Money': Government Watchdogs Call For Safeguards To Prevent Further PPP Loan Fraud“Frankly, (the government) has a duty to make sure the money goes to the right individuals and to those who actually need it."
I-Team: Millions In PPP Money Went To Bogus Texas Companies With Little VettingAccording to court records, Dinesh Sah of Coppell was approved for PPP funding for 11 different companies for a total of $17.7 million.
North Texas Great-Grandmother Comes 'Back To Life' After Social Security Administration Declared Her DeadThe federal “Death Master File” goes to insurance companies, financial institutions and government offices. These are places which shut down your life immediately.
Look Out For COVID-19 Scams Related To Tests, Trials And Cures“The scammers are often very good at what they do” Reid Tepfer, an attorney at the Federal Trade Commission told the CBS 11 I-Team.
Texas Nursing Homes Still Don't Have Enough PPE To Keep Residents Safe From CoronavirusA new report from the consumer advocate group, TexPIRG, said since June, the shortages “have actually become much worse.”
Year After Tornado Destroys Dallas Shopping Center, Neighbors See Empty Lot As 'Perfect Opportunity'Instead of the pawn shops and box stores, neighbors say they want to see a retail development with local businesses and places to gather.
Result Of New Trial Finds The Drug Remdesivir Does Not Prevent COVID-19 DeathsA new study by the World Health Organization shows the COVID-19 treatment drug – known as remdesivir – does not prevent death among patients.
Coronavirus Drug Remdesivir Shows Promising Results, But With $3,120 Price TagRemdesivir is currently one of the only proven and tested treatments for the coronavirus.
As Trump Pushes For Second $1,200 Stimulus Check, Glitch Keeps Thousands Of TurboTax Users From Getting First CheckAs President Trump pushes for a second $1,200 stimulus check, thousands of Texans have still not gotten their first one due to a computer glitch.